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Digital forensics is the reproducible or two-field-free technical analysis of digital artifacts. It aims at a correct presentation of the technical situation. Hereby, we distinguish between classical digital forensics on the one hand and cybersecurity forensics on the other hand. In classical digital forensics one element is the clear documentation of the entire procedure. Electronic attacks differ from the classic procedure in that, in addition to finding traces and restoring elements (such as files), malware or system modifications used must also be identified (cybersecurity forensics).

In cybersecurity forensics, in which we are specialized in – the central element is the identification and analysis of hacker attacks. It is essential to have experience with digital attackers, their tools, and procedures.

Our knowledge and experience combined with the use of forensically accepted methods and tools quickly deliver relevant and correct results on the technical situation. Such gained knowledge from professional experience is especially valuable for a targeted incident response.

We offer the following digital forensic services:

Please note that we understand our offer as modular: If requested we also deliver only single aspects (e.g. forensic system image). This way, you can do for example the forensic acquisition and we provide the analysis for it.