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Security incidents are no longer the exception, but rather the rule. They occur because interests are pursued with digital methods (such as hacking). Existing protective measures are circumvented or levered out. The reasons range from annoyance, to generating income, to politically motivated attacks.

Incident Response refers to the procedure for dealing with such threats, violations, and attacks. The aim is to minimize any resulting damage. QuoSec GmbH is a specialist in this field. We support you in all aspects of a security incident – from identification, coordination, data collection and technical analysis to remediation. We have many years of experience and the necessary technical expertise to effectively support you in targeted damage minimization. Our Incident Response services include the following:

In large, international organizations with numerous locations, we have learned to handle incidents in a goal-oriented and collaborative manner, also via teleservices. If you need technical services on site, we will be there for you at your location.